Lighted Sheep Ornament – Free Pattern

Every fiber artist should have this BAAAAAAAAAAD boy hanging up in their craft corner or maybe attached to their WIP bag.

Light Sheep 1

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: White worsted wt [4] yarn; Black worsted wt [4] yarn; a battery operated tea light; Black 3D fabric paint; Red 3D fabric paint; 2 – 10mm wiggle eyes; small paint brush; Size G / 4.0mm crochet hook; stitch marker; craft glue; scissors; and a yarn needle.

st… stitch
sl st… slip stitch
sc… single crochet
hdc… half double crochet
tr… treble crochet

NOTES: The “face” of this project is worked in continuous rounds not joining.

Round 1: With black yarn and G/4.0mm crochet hook make 10 sc in a magic circle making sure not to pull the center closed. Use a stitch marker to keep track of each round by placing it in the first stitch and move it up for each round. (10 sc)
Round 2: Work 2 sc in each st around. (20 sc) At this point I like to place the “flame” of the candle into the center hole and adjust making sure it fits snugly then I secure and weave in the center yarn tail.

Once you have sized the center hole for the ‘nose’ you can paint the flame part of the tea light black so the paint has time to start drying while you finish the rest of the ornament.

Round 3: sc in each stitch around, changing to white yarn in last st of the round
Round 4: * sc in st, tr in next, repeat from *
Round 5: * tr in st, sc in next, repeat from *
Round 6: * Repeat round 4. Do NOT fasten off, Place the stitch marker in the loop of the last stitch and cut a long enough tail for sewing then set aside. (If your tea light happens to be a little taller you can add an extra round)

EARS (make 2)
With white ch 5, work sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 3 st, fasten off leaving long tail for sewing.

Now place the ears across the top of the face along the 4th and 5th rows about 5 stitches apart. (see picture for placement) and sew into place. Then I took about a 10 in piece of yarn (you could use a piece of ribbon instead) and looped it on the top of the ornament as a hanger.

Light Sheep 2Next it’s time to put the crocheted piece on the tea light. Slide it on like a sock making sure the “flame” fits nice and snug in the hole of the face. Put your yarn needle on the tail you left and start weaving it around the last row tightening it just enough to fit snugly around the base of the tea light, but making sure the on/off button is still operational.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Now all that’s left is glue on the wiggle eyes, use some of the red 3D paint to make a mouth.

I hope this little guy puts a smile on your face today! Remember to favorite or queue on Ravelry for easy reference later.  {HERE}

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  1. I am always excited to get another pattern in this series. Being a veteran, I am anxious to see what you come up with for the 4th of July.

    1. Awww thank you 🙂 I have no idea for the 4th, but maybe making my star ornaments using Red White and Blue yarns instead of yellow would be a good start.

    1. LOL! Thank you dear 🙂 At least they are easy to make.

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