FF5 – A Great Day for a Picnic

Who doesn’t love a summer picnic? These fun crochet accessories have just what you need to make the day perfect.

FF5 - Picnic

1] I love this Playtime Picnic Set for little ones. This paid pattern from Moogly includes a juice bottle stuffy that rattles, a sandwich stuffy that crinkles and a cozy playmat that’s perfect for playing on. Plus, it doubles as a blanket to cuddle under for a nap when playtime is done!

2] Too Yarn Cute has a great paid pattern place-mat for any Picnic On The Go. Portable and cute for any outdoor meal happening this summer.

3] Stay organized with this sweet Picnic Set, a paid pattern from Yarnovations. Uses raffia yarn to make great accessories for pot lucks and backyard BBQ’s.

4] Can’t have a picnic without a Gingham Picnic Blanket, and this free pattern from Sewrella will fit the bill perfectly. This blanket measures about 45″ wide by about 30″ long, but using this same method you could make a blanket as big or small as you like!

5] Bringing along a bottle of wine for a romantic picnic? The Picnic Perfect Wine Tote has a classic look to add to the ambiance. This paid pattern comes from Mollylin Best


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